01 Spanish Alejandra Villescas - Hard Work and Dedication

Alejandra Villescas is from El Paso, Texas and she is a nursing student. She enjoys being a nurse because she’s in constant contact with patients and gets to get to know them well. She was first a biology student and for her to go to school in the US, she had to sacrifice her time and money. Luckily, Alejandra found scholarships and work, and through dedication she finished her first career, and is now pursuing her dream job. For her, nurses are more than caretakers for patients and they come to learn them closely.

02 Spanish Abraham Delgado - Qualities that Make a Nurse

Abraham Delgado is a student nurse from Dallas, Texas and was in the US Marine Corp reserves.  He is originally from Mexico and as the son of immigrants he wants to achieve the american dream for them and for himself.   As kid he remembers getting into a lot of accidents that required him going to seek medical assistance.  He remembered Leticia, the nurse that took care of him.  He describes a nurse as honorable and flexible, because nurses are both compassionate and able to adjust to various situations.  These are just some of the qualities that make up a nurse.

03 Ingrid Ortega- Finding Her Path as a Nurse

Ingrid Ortega is a nurse from Venezuela. She had a long path performing in different areas, before she decided to become a nurse. Although she always dreamed of being a nurse, her family and friends weren’t supportive of it. It wasn’t until she came to the United States, that she saw the relevance of nurses and the key role they play in patients. Ingrid had to take a different number of courses that required extra work, but she found part-time jobs and classes that helped her schedule as a mom and a student. For her, the most important part of being a nurse, is to have the desire to help others and know that the nursing community is always there for support. Being a bilingual nurse today, has given her advantage both in the medical field and in patient care.

04 Spanish Dhyana Velez - The Motivation to Help Others

Dhyana Velez is currently finishing her Bachelor’s degree in nursing and she is from Colombia. Her family was her motivation to become a nurse, her mother and grandmother always shared with her the medical diagnosis and outcome they received from their doctors, and she aspired to be informed and help them out. Nursing became a way to help her family make better decisions. Dhyana is a coordinator for a program called “Hospital Enterprise Hospital”, which provides care for older patients, and she works in collaboration with doctors, and physical therapists.  For her, the most important way to overcome all obstacles, is to be persistent and keep a goal in mind. Finding an advisor or mentor, helped her stay on track and on top of her studies. Compassion is the word she uses to describe nurses, it is the word that describes helping others physically but also emotionally.

05 Spanish Annette Diaz Santana

Annette is a Master’s Degree student from San Diego, California. She fell in love with nursing when she visited a hospital at an early age; suffering an anaphylactic reaction opened her eyes to the vulnerability of everyone and the need for nurses. Her role model is her mother, because of everything she has experienced in her life and was still able to complete her education at a late age. For her, it was important to stay calm and be patient, everything that was obstacle for her, later became as a new way of learning. She describes a nurse as an attentive and loving person, from the words used but also the physical and emotional care for patients

06 Ana Guiterrez Lemus - A Life Changing Experience

Ana Gutierrez is from Portland, Oregon. Going to nursing school was tough for her and her family, but eventually they understood that this was a once in a lifetime experience. She decided to go into nursing  because of the different people she can interact with and being there for someone at such a vulnerable time. Her advice for anybody who wants to be a nurse is to find a mentor and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  She would describe nursing as someone who is flexible and adaptable because things are constantly changing.


07 Bianca Muñoz - Love for Medicine

Bianca Muñoz is a nursing student from Pueblo, Colorado. She was always interested in the medical field. She always enjoyed taking care of people, and advocating for them as a nurse, was the reason why she decided to pursue a career in nursing. She is not good at math and doesn't like it at all, but she says she isn't afraid of it now because it is a fun part of her patient care and it comes naturally after practice. Her parents taught her to persevere and always fight for what she wants, they never missed a day at work despite having many obstacles thrown at them. For her, honesty and trustworthiness are essential parts of being a nurse.

08 Iris Cangas - Working with the Community in Mind

Iris is a nursing student from El Paso, Texas. She likes nursing because she gets to interact with various patients and she can learn how to treat every illness. She works at the ER and the adrenaline rush is what keeps her motivated to do her best, those high tension moments are the ones that make her perform better and remind her why she wants to be a nurse. When she was in high school, she had to take care of her siblings because her father passed away and her mother was very sick. Iris was sick herself too, and although she felt weak, she decided to pursue a degree in nursing.

09 Teresa Sadlowski- Passion and Compassion

Teresa Sadlowski is a recent graduate from California. She is going to work at a hospice, her journey as a nurse began when she dedicated all her time to care for her mother as she was battling cancer. Soon after her mother passed, Teresa enrolled as a nursing student to fulfill that feeling of wanting to care for those who are vulnerable and sometimes in the last stages of her life. She believes that taking care of her mother opened her eyes to the strength she didn’t know she had. Her advice for getting past obstacles in school is to find a support team of friends, family and peers. For her, nurses are tough, caring, compassionate, full of love and who have known struggles in their own lives and have grown from that.

10 Annette Ochoa - The Desire to Empower Others

Annette is a registered nurse from El Paso, Texas. She wanted to become a nurse so she could empower patients and help them get well. When she was 23, Annette was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and although at first doctors didn't know her diagnosis, nurses were there to cheer her up and give her strength. When she saw the interaction of nurses with patients, she knew that she wanted to follow that career. For her, the biggest challenge was to be a full time wife, full time mother and full time student, but she found scholarships and financial aid and received the help needed. Her advice to a student is to speak to student services at the institution they want to attend, because they can help find information and a specific path that helps them individually.

11 Zayra Quintero - Working for the Benefit of Helping Others

Zayra Quintero is a nursing student from Imperial Beach, California. She is a mother of two and attends school full time. Her inspiration to become a nurse was her son, having him at an early age, she decided to look for a career that could bring him a better future. Her role model was her mother, who dedicated her life to the care of her family and others. Her first day as a nursing student in a hospital was memorable because she was able to help a family that didn't speak English, and she was able to help them and make their experience better.


12 Grace Ramirez - The Value of Hard Work

Grace Ramirez is a nursing student from San Diego, California. She wants to be a nurse to help alleviate the pain and suffering of others. Her inspiration to be a nurse came from accompanying her 3 year old cousin to chemotherapy. For Grace her biggest obstacle as a student was to be a full time mother and student, she had to learn how to be better at time management. Her role model was her father, who was always working harder for his family. She describes nurses as compassionate, because they always want to help others be well.

13 Teresita Raymundo - A Career with Many Opportunities

Teresita Raymundo is a recent graduate nurse from Chicago and she lives in Delaware. She was inspired to be a nurse when her brother past away after an accident, she wanted to understand what happened to him and how she could help her other brother who survived.  One of the biggest struggles for her was to learn how to be organized, but she found ways to dedicate time to her studies, her clinicals and the skills needed. Being a bilingual nurse today is one of the biggest advantages she finds in the career, she can advocate for more communities. For her a nurse is selfless, a person who does her work for the sake of the patient and not for the recognition.

15 Levi G. Calderón - Advocating for Others

Levi Calderón is from Houston, Texas  and he is a nursing student. He wanted to be a nurse because his own mother suffers from a lot of health issues, but through his career he can not only advocate for her but others too. Balancing school and work was hard for him, but he found help with tutors and school resources. He dreams of advocating for the Hispanic community and open up his own nurse-run clinic. For him, nursing is honest, hardworking and selfless.


16 Christina Zapata- Nursing, A Love Story

Christina Zapata is from San Diego, California and she is a nursing student. She loves being a nurse because of the fulfilling experience she has being able to help people during difficult times. She was always driven to nursing because of the friendliness and love that surrounds the career.  Christina enjoys advocating for her patients and providing them with the best care. Her mother and her positive attitude inspired her to be the same way in her career. She would describe nursing as love.


17 Cesar Rivera- The Rush of Making a Difference

This is Cesar Rivera, he is a male nurse from California. He graduated in 2015, and just received a job offer in Los Angeles. He decided to be a nurse because it allows him to follow different paths, help people and educate the community. He struggled with certain subjects, but he used his resources and spent extra time talking to professors and counselors. Cesar likes to volunteer in health fairs, and he mentors young children aside from his nursing career.From the moment he discovered how much he could do and the impact he could have, he knew nursing was for him. Passionate, is the word he uses to describe nursing.

18 Manuel Sibrian - Leaders Never Quit

Manuel Sibrian is a Master’s in Nursing student from California. He currently works in the ER department in San Antonio Regional Hospital. The main thing Manuel likes about being a nurse, is the gratitude he gets from patients. He first became an EMT and was finally able to interact with nurses. After seeing the fulfillment they got from their job, he decided to become a nurse too. Even though exams, classes and requirements are hard, Manuel got through it by building a network of support and advisors who pushed him to be ambitious too. The most important advice he ever got was “leaders never quit,” from his older brother, who is also his role model. He sees himself as a leader through his role in nursing. For Manuel, a nurse is confident with a healthy dose of humbleness.

19 Daniel Montes - From Emergency Situations to Community nurse

Daniel Montes is from Chicago. He is a nursing student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He was first a paramedic, he wanted to help people and be prepared in emergency situations. He is one of few Latinos in his classes, and he felt pressure to succeed. However, he had the support of his brother and his mom to overcome it. He wants to be a role model for his niece. He had inspiration through his work with the community and decided to help people in the area of health.  For him, a nurse is a well-rounded, diligent person.


20 Elizabeth Korkowski - Being Persistent is Critical is Success

This is Elizabeth Korkowski from Washington. She is a critical care nurse in Seattle, WA. She decided to go into nursing after the good care she received as a child. Her father passed away when she was in nursing school, and she became more passionate about her career from then on. Elizabeth remembers her father as a persistent man who inspired her to be the same way. What she likes most about nursing are her colleagues because they are like family. Persistence is the word she uses to describe nurses.